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The typical visitor profile for Roadfly represents the most desirable cross-section of the overall Internet user. With demographic metrics such as a median household income of $100,000 to $200,000, and a median education level of college graduate, the audience is both intelligent and affluent. This Web savvy audience uses the Internet as a tool to gain access to valuable information for product research and comparative shopping that will lead to a buying decision. Through Roadfly online marketers are able to display the relevant advertising message in front of the right viewer at the right time and thus increase brand awareness converting clicks to qualified leads and ultimately into buyers.

Demographic Snapshot

Users *
Male 91%
Female 9%

    * Credit card transactions processed on Roadfly yield the following demographics.

    Male 74%
    Female 26%

45-54 yrs - 17%
35-44 yrs - 18%
25-34 yrs - 35%
18-24 yrs - 17%

Household Income
38% with household income of $100,000 +
17% with household income of $75,000 - 100,000

56% with Graduate or Post-Graduate Degree

Web Site Statistics
Monthly Impressions: 36,000,000

Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,200,000
Average Visit Length: 12.7 mins.

Automotive Trends and Projections

More than 85% of new-vehicle shoppers will use the web in 2002 to research vehicle related purchases.
The average online vehicle shopper visits six automotive sites
Shoppers spend more than 4 hours looking at auto information online

* We have conducted a number of different demographic surveys over the years. When respondents are asked what sex they are they have indicated 91% male. This conflicts with information given during credit card transactions on Roadfly. When using a credit card to conduct commerce on Roadfly, 74% of the respondents are male and 26% are women. When this discrepency is discussed in our chat rooms many women divulge that they don't tell the truth about their sex for a number of different reasons.

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