Subaru B9 Tribeca Steals The Show At The NYIAS
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2008 Subaru Tribeca

Subaru B9 Tribeca Steals The Show At The NYIAS

Subaru of America, Inc. has enhanced the B9 Tribeca SUV for 2007 with new safety technology, additional comfort features and audio upgrades after its successful first year on the market. The first-ever Subaru SUV with available seating for seven passengers, the B9 Tribeca features a 245-hp 6-cylinder Boxer engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as its core technology.

Externally, the 2007 B9 Tribeca is distinguished by a new low-gloss black grille. A new B9 Tribeca Special Edition package combines an exclusive chrome mesh grille design, chrome-finish wheels and a standard XM Satellite Radio package for an MSRP of $1,295. Retuned suspension on all 2007 B9 Tribeca models provides an even smoother ride and enhanced NVH reduction without sacrificing driving character.

The B9 Tribeca is one of three Subaru models to be named “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), joining Impreza® and Legacy®. Subaru has further bolstered B9 Tribeca safety technology for 2007, equipping all models with a new Rollover Sensor System that deploys the standard side curtain airbags if it detects a potential vehicle rollover. Emergency Brake Assist joins the extensive roster of dynamic safety technology, which already includes ABS brakes, Vehicle Dynamics Control and four-wheel traction control. Emergency Brake Assist analyzes force and stroke on the brake pedal and increases hydraulic boost to provide enhanced emergency braking.

For 2007, all B9 Tribeca Limited models ordered with the optional GPS touch-screen navigation system will now include a Rear Vision Camera, as well. When the driver moves the transmission shift handle into Reverse, the center color LCD display will show what the camera lens can detect within its field of vision behind the vehicle. The screen view features distance/width guidelines to assist the driver in the backing up the vehicle.

Customers can also order the new Reverse Assist Sensors as an optional accessory for any B9 Tribeca model. Ultrasonic sensors mounted in the rear bumper detect objects behind the vehicle and emit an audible tone as the vehicle gets closer to the object behind it. A new remote starter feature allows the owner to start the vehicle remotely from up to 80 feet away, and a new shade-type retractable cargo area cover is available.

All B9 Tribeca models for 2007 come pre-wired for XM Satellite radio, and all gain a new console-mounted auxiliary audio jack to connect portable audio players, such as iPods, to play through the vehicle’s audio system. The B9 Tribeca Limited models add the convenience of a new two-position memory feature for the standard power-adjustable driver’s front seat.

The B9 Tribeca earned the highest rating in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) crash tests. The B9 Tribeca earned 5-stars in the frontal and side-impact crash tests for the driver and passenger seating positions, as well as a 4-star rating in the NHTSA rollover resistance test. (No SUV to date has earned 5-stars in the rollover test.)

The 6-cylinder Boxer engine is teamed with a 5-speed automatic transmission and the brand’s most advanced version of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. That system, also featured in the Outback® 3.0 R L.L.Bean Edition models, combines Variable Torque Distribution (VTD) All-Wheel Drive with the Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) stability system and four-wheel traction control system (TCS).

The 5-speed automatic transmission’s SPORTSHIFT feature allows intuitive and responsive manual shift control when desired. In automatic mode, using a lateral-g sensor and cornering logic, the transmission can select and hold the appropriate gear to enhance cornering performance. The transmission will actively downshift to maintain optimal traction and control on inclines, as well.

The VTD version of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive utilizes a planetary gear-type center differential and an electronically controlled hydraulic transfer clutch to control power distribution between the front and rear wheels. Under most conditions, VTD splits the power 45:55, with the rearward bias contributing to sporty, agile handling.
The VTD system continually optimizes power distribution in response to driving conditions. Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) is a highly sophisticated stability system that actively controls the center differential’s power distribution as part of its function. VDC ensures optimal torque distribution to the appropriate wheel based on input from steering wheel angle, yaw and lateral g-force sensors.

The B9 Tribeca is available in a variety of 5- and 7-passenger configurations. The 7-passenger model is equipped with a standard 50/50 split fold-down third-row seat that features integral headrests and a carpeted back surface. For added passenger comfort, the 7-passenger model also features three-mode heated front seats and an auxiliary rear cabin air conditioner with air registers in the headliner.

The seating configuration demonstrates outstanding flexibility for passengers and cargo. The second row rear seats feature a 60/40 split bench and a 40/20/40 split rear seat back with fold-flat capability. The second row seats offer 7.8 inches of fore/aft travel to optimize second- and third-row passenger comfort. Second row seats also recline independently in a 60/40 split. The third-row seats accommodate two passengers and fold flat in a 50/50 split for cargo space flexibility. With rear and third-row seats folded, maximum cargo space measures 74.4 cu. ft. Cargo room measures 37.6 cu. ft. behind the rear seat and 8.3 cu. ft. behind the third seat in 7-passenger models.

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