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Holiday Get-Aways: Beat the Holiday Blues

Tired of doing the same things over the holiday season? Tired of year after year of wandering from the in-law’s to the cousin’s to the neighbor’s and back home? Roadfly has some ideas that are sure to cure the winter holiday season blahs.

Brisbane, Australia: Paradise on Earth

Home to the infamous Crocodile Hunter, Brisbane is the place to visit if you’re in need of a good time. With an exchange rate of 1.75 to 1 (one US Dollar equals 1.75 Australian Dollars) and some of the friendliest people known to mankind, Brisbane is sure to make you forget all about the 15″ of snow that’s piling up in your driveway.

Sure, airfare is a little pricey (average roundtrip fare from Los Angeles to Brisbane is around $2000 per adult passenger), but once you get to Brisbane, you’ll enjoy an incredible vacation at a bargain rate. Brisbane hotels are clean, comfy, modern and relatively inexpensive. During our last trip to Brisbane, we rented an “apartment” that included an in-unit kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom with full laundry for less than $100 USD per night.

Brisbane has beautiful beaches, wonderful shopping (the Queen Street Mall is fabulous), and great food. The people are incredibly accomodating and friendly, and the scenery is like none other. Click over to and book your airfare today. You won’t regret it, and you’ll quickly forget all about the winter season while you’re soaking in the sunlight, swiming in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and saying “G’day, Mate” to everyone you meet.

New York City, NY: Rockefeller Center, Times Square and New Years Eve

How many New Years Eve’s have you spent sitting in front of the boob tube, watching the ageless Dick Clark count down the world’s most famous New Years Eve celebration? Isn’t it about time you packed your bags and headed off to NYC to participate firsthand in the nation’s grandest New Year’s celebration?

With the recent slump in the travel business, NYC hotels no longer require you to apply for a second mortgage before checking in. Airfare to NYC is also pretty reasonable, provided you book your tickets in advance. Cabs are plentiful and efficient for making your way across the city.

The staff at Roadfly loves Manhattan’s W Hotel. Located on Broadway at 47th, the trendy W pampers its guests with calming colors and decor and all rooms feature “heavenly beds” – pillow topped beds with extra fluffy pillows and luxurious linens. Perfect for a few days sleep after the country’s biggest New Years Eve extravaganza.

Be sure to check out some of the city’s many wonderful restaurants and tourist attractions, and be sure to take a lap or two around the Rockefeller ice skating rink. Manhattan is a wonderful place to visit, especially during the Holiday Season.

Wisconsin Dells, WI: Take the Weekend Off

Wisconsin Dells is normally “the place to be” if you’re spending your summer in the midwest. Most folks don’t realize that Wisconsin Dells is also a great place to visit during the winter months.

Wisconsin Dells is home to a few of the nation’s finest indoor water parks, including giants like the Kalahari Resort and the Great Wolf Lodge. With over 30,000 square feet of indoor water parks at each resort, you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy yourselves, even if the temperature outside dips in to the single digits.

“The Dells” as the locals call it, features some great family restaurants, and if you’re feeling lucky, you could always wander over to the Ho-Chunk casino and suites for a game of Blackjack or perhaps a few pulls of the slot machines.

The best part about visiting the Dells during the off-season is the money you’ll save – expect to stay in a very nice room for well under $100 per night. Meals and entertainment are also very reasonably priced.

Wisconsin Dells is located approximately 60 miles due north of Madison, Wisconsin, so if you’re flying in, it’s best to arrive in Madison and rent a car to drive to Wisconsin Dells. It may not be a tropical paradise, but we’re certain you’ll enjoy yourself regardless of the weather outside.


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IMPORTANT: Results are not typical. As with any weight loss program, your results may vary greatly.


IMPORTANT: Results are not typical. As with any weight loss program, your results may vary greatly.

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