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Classified Guidelines is pleased to present this service to auto enthusiasts. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! These are very general guidelines that members are required to follow when placing an advertisement in the Classifieds.

1. NO SCAMS; users violating this rule are barred from participation.

2. If necessary, we will post a list of violators on the Classifieds page.

3. Automobiles, Parts, Accessories, etc offered for sale must be derived from the automobile represented by the respective channel. Automobiles must have been manufactured by the respective factory with the exception of kit cars. Accessories, Wheels, etc. must be for use on the respective automobile. Team reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove without notice any advertisement that we feel doesn't meet the spirit of

4. Classifieds are open to individuals and dealers at no cost to buyers or sellers; individual dealers' advertisements may be limited to a "space available" basis, but we will be fair to all members.

5. membership is required to post classified ads. This is subject to change with prior notice. Classified ads must be posted via the web no other form of submission is available.

6. When submitting an advertisement, please describe model and condition accurately, modifications if any, special features, price, and your contact information so that buyer/seller may contact you directly.

7. Advertisements are currently unlimited and must be submitted on the advertisement submission form. Please do not email free-form text through the website. Use the form for ad submission. If you feel there is not enough space allotted on the form for your ad, please notify using the feedback form.

8. You may submit as many ads as you like in each category. We will contact you directly if we are unable to post all of your ads as submitted.

9. Team assumes no responsibility for any buy or sell transaction and does not act as a broker in any transaction.

10. Duration of posting will be for an initial term of 60 days with renewals available in 30 day increments. Unlimited renewals are available provided the purpose is not to dilute the quality of the classifieds service. Team reserves the right to remove any ad any time for any reason without notice.

11. It is the sellers' responsibility to remove their sold vehicle, accessory or part. Any item that has been sold should be removed from the Classifieds database.

12. Payment is the responsibility of the buyer and collection is the responsibility of the seller; our suggestions are that the buyer sends funds and product is shipped only after funds are received by seller (or check clears issuer's bank), do not send cash through the mail, and don't give your credit card number to anyone you don't trust.

13. Team reserves the right to edit submission content to conform to style and format of this web site.

14. Team assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or omissions.

15. It is the submitter's responsibility that his or her advertisement has been posted accurately; notification of errors should be submitted via the feedback form. | BMW Central | Porsche Central | Mini Central
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