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Roadfly Message Forum Mod-O-Matic Flagging FAQ

Q. How do the Mod-O-Matic flag links work?

A. The Message Forums are moderated by Roadfly staff but due to the size of Roadfly and the number of message forum posts made every day it became increasingly impossible for the Roadfly staff to do a good job of moderating the message forums. We designed a system which allows Roadfly users to flag posts. Message posts will be moderated automatically if they've been flagged. Don't worry you can't have a post removed, etc based on just a few flag votes. The system is smarter than that.

Q. What do the different flag links mean?

A. The violation flags essentially mark a post as bad. Violation posts are posts which are in violation of our Terms of Service or our Posting Guidelines.

Spam: Posts to Poker sites, businesses trying to get free advertising by linking to their Web site, etc. are good examples of spam posts. Posts by a legitimate user, over and over and over again. Posts that link to eBay posted by the seller. Yes... SPAM on message forum has a very liberal definition.

For Sale: Anyone trying to sell something in the forums is a violation of our posting guidelines. The only For Sale posts which are allowed are those which link to the persons ad in Roadfly's classifieds. One such post is allowed as per our Guidelines.

Off Topic: The primary automotive forums are for discussion of the particular car model. Posts referencing the specific car model which the forum is based around are considered on-topic. If a post is made for other purposes that post belongs in the off-topic discussion areas. An example is making a post about what movie someone saw last night belongs in the off-topic area.

NWS (Not Work Safe): If a post has content such as nudity it should be flagged as NWS. Roadfly allows picture posting of NWS pictures in the off-topic lounges but not on the main message forums. No nudity is allowed.

Prohibited: This is the catchall for everything else. Obviously we didn't want to have 20 links on the forums for every possible violation. We chose to put links for the violations which get the most attention and occur most frequently.

The helpful flags are so that we can gradually build a repository of very helpful message posts. In addition to posts where people write about success they've had by using Roadfly.

Informative: Helpful, informative posts which offer great detail and a lot of information should be flagged as Informative. We hope to build a "Best of..." category for posts which contain a lot of great information.

Success Story: If a post references success that the poster has found by using Roadfly please flag the post. If someone has sold their car or parts quickly using the classifieds, if someone has saved a lot of money due to helpful message posts, etc. are examples of "Success Story" posts.

Q. Can anyone flag a message post?

A. Yes and No, you have to have be a member and you have to be logged in.

Q. My message forum posts are getting flagged for no reason. What should I do?

A. The flagging system gives weight to older members so if a member that's been around for 7 years flags your post his flag carries more weight than the person that's been a member for only a months. New members with less than a few posts who have joined in the last month or so are given very little weight. For this reason if your post is removed, etc chances are that it was in violation. Moderating a forum takes a lot of experience and experience only comes with time.

Q. I think someone is trying to hijack my posts by over flagging them. What can I do?

A. Don't worry we use a number of filters on our end to make sure that the flagging system isn't abused. Of course if we catch someone abusing the system they'll be banned from participating on Roadfly

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