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FAQ on why there are classifieds.

We put together this little FAQ regarding classifieds and message posts into the boards so that those who haven't had a chance to get comfortable with the classifieds can see where we are coming from as Roadfly administrators. As you read this keep in mind that as the largest auto enthusiast site in the world we get much more traffic than other sites so that means what works for a small site like for example doesn't work on a much larger site like ours. Then, throw all the politics and "what about my special circumstance" into the mix and, well, you get the point...

This FAQ could go on for a while. We wanted to touch on some of the high points. We're sure we don't have to write it here but, we give this stuff a lot of thought. In this case a tremendous amount of thought. We always look out for club members first, that's why Roadfly is such a great community and is thriving as "The World's Largest Auto Enthusiasts Site."


Charlie and Alan

1. Q. All the E36* people are right here why should I put my stuff or my car in the classifieds?

1. A. Well it is true that everyone in the BMW community that drives or is interested in an E36 at some point has probably been on this board. However, the vast majority of our visitors looking to buy cars spend very little time on the message boards. And of course, that's because there looking for the car, they don't have one yet and most won't post a message until they get one.

2. Q. The classifieds don't get nearly as much traffic as the E36 boards. I want everyone to see my ad.

2. A. You're right that the classifieds don't get as much "traffic" but they get 100 times the amount of traffic from people looking for cars or stuff. Only a few of the high traffic boards get more traffic than the classifieds. Do you want traffic or do you want people looking for cars? It would seem to me that a guy looking for an E36 offers "better eyeballs" than a guy trying to figure out why his rear speakers rattle, but I could be wrong :-) Besides if you only put your ad on the E36 board aren't you missing all the other boards? What about the guy who hangs out on the E46M3 board but can really only afford an E36. You miss him all together because he only goes to the classifieds to look for cars and doesn't come to the E36 board very often at all.

We are also currently developing new features for the classifieds and one addresses this question directly. If you go to the E24 board you can see a temporary example of how we're addressing the issue. This will keep your car featured at the top of the baords.

3. Q. Why is it considered SPAM for me to put my classified ad in the boards?

3. A. Technically we define it as SPAM, it's an unsolicited advertisement. We don't suspend people for it unless they do it a few times intentionally. The real problem occurs when people post there ad repeatedly and of course we get emails complaining of the SPAM. Another example of the above problem is the guy who knows that if he puts his ad in on Monday morning, it'll be off the page a few hours later. He thinks "Gee, no one can see my ad, I'll post it again" Well, DUH! Put it in the classifieds and get seen by millions.

4. Q. Can I get suspended for spamming?

4. A. Yes. People that SPAM the boards because they think "I'm special" or "that doesn't apply to me" are typically selfish and self centered. I'm sure you'd agree we're better off as a club if we ban them now rather than later to avoid all the future problems that they'll cause.

5. Q. What's so great about the Classifieds?

5. A. Well, a lot of things but that's not really the point. The point is that the message board software is designed to be great for community interaction. Talking and dialog amongst friends. The classifieds software is designed specifically to bring attention to YOUR AD and allow others to easily find it. The classifieds system allows for easy browsing of ads and provides a central point of reference for our visitors. And a great feature to be implemented in the next couple of weeks which is your "Roadfly Aent." Your Roadfly Agent will automatically send you emails of stuff or cars you're interested in. For example you'll register with your agent that you're looking for 22" Hamann's and a 4 level wing :0) When someone lists your dream accessories you'll be automatically emailed with a link to the guys ad.

6. Q. I already put my ad on or eBay. I don't want to list it here and pay for upgrade features again.

6. A. Sorry to hear that, I'd be cranky if I just wasted my money to. :-) The truth is that it's been a year since I last saw that eBay or Autotrader had more car listings than us. I know I would want to be where the buyers and sellers are and that is definitely here. Yes, eBay has more traffic... if you're interested in selling beanie babies that is. Why do you think everyone lists there car on eBay then SPAMs the boards so they can get traffic to there eBay listing? Oh yeah, don't forget the few "doh doh brains" who write me an email that says "you're site is great. I thought I wasn't going to sell my car on eBay until I posted a message on all your message boards. Thanks again." Yes, I've gotten that email and more than once.

7. Q. How do I know the classifieds work?

7. A. If you'd like I can forward hundreds of emails from happy members and visitors on great experiences they've had. Try it you'll like it, tens of thousands of others have :-)

*I'm using the E36 as an example, so please no flames from E36'rs or others. | BMW Central | Porsche Central | Mini Central
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