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Roadfly - Reciprocal Link Policy FAQ

This FAQ addresses why Roadfly requires reciprocal links from users.

(Roadfly logos are available on this page)

Our policy regarding linking (the act of providing a hyperlink or URL to another website outside of Roadfly's domain) is often the subject of many questions and comments. We've put together this helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions so that you can quickly find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Roadfly encourages the exchange of useful information, and as such, does not restrict linking to websites (or webpages) that provide news or information that is for educational or entertainment purposes.

1. Q: What is linking?

1. A: Linking (or link, links, linked) is short for "hyperlink" which is the act of referring people to another website by providing a URL (web address). The linked URL may be an "active link" (meaning that the person simply clicks on the link to activate it), or it may be a "manual link" (meaning that the person must use a copy/paste method to activate the URL).

This is an example of an active text link to Roadfly.
This is an example of an active logo link to Roadfly Roadfly Logo Active Link
This is an example of a manual link:

Any reference that begins with the preface "http://" or "www" (or any version thereof) and/or ends with ".com" ".org" ".net" ".info" ".biz" ".us" or any other URL related suffix is considered a link. Abbreviating, purposely misspelling or otherwise misrepresenting the URL does not exclude it from being considered a link.

This is an example of disguising a link: www.mywebsitedotcom.
This is another example of disguising a link:

2. Q: Is linking allowed?

2. A: Absolutely. We encourage people to share information with one another, and if the information is hosted on another site, that's fine by us. We don't wish to limit anyone's experience. There are certain conditions and restrictions regarding links that need to be observed.

We do not allow any type of commercial posts on our message boards, so if a link points to a commercial website (that is not a Roadfly advertiser or sponsor), the link may be removed by our administrators at our sole discretion. Spamming (repeatedly posting a link, message, etc) is never allowed. Further, links to group buys or other discounts that are not allowed by Roadfly's Terms of Service are not allowed.

3. Q: What do I have to do for my link to be acceptable?

3. A: If you're providing a link to a site that is owned, operated, contributed to, or associated with you (or a friend, associate, employer, relative, etc) in any way, you must provide a clear, and highly visible reciprocal link back to Roadfly ( on each page to which you refer links from Roadfly.
(Roadfly logos are available on this page)

For example, if on Roadfly's message forums you provide a link to "," you must have a clear, and highly visible reciprocal link back to Roadfly ( on "page1.html" of your site.

If on Roadfly's message forums you provide a link to "," you must have a clear, and highly visible reciprocal link back to Roadfly ( on "pictures.html" of the site.
(Roadfly logos are available on this page)

We consider this fair treatment, because if we are sending people to a site that's not within the Roadfly domain, the site should return the favor and refer people to Roadfly.

4. Q: I can't have put a Roadfly link on their site, so how do I link to an article by them?

4. A: In that case, no link is necessary. Our intent is not to prevent people from sharing information, but rather, to make the traffic to and from fellow enthusiast's sites reciprocal. No reciprocal link is necessary when linking to news agencies, and so on. Reciprocal links are only necessary if you're providing links to a site that you are involved with (either through ownership, employment, association, etc.).

5. Q: Where do I have to provide the reciprocal links?

5. A: On each and every page, in a clearly visible location, to which you link to from Roadfly. If you link to six different pages on a site, that site must have a link back to Roadfly ( on each of those six pages. The reciprocal link must be fully functional and clearly visible so that our administrators can see it.
(Roadfly logos are available on this page)

6. Q: I still have questions, who do I ask?

6. A: Please contact one of our moderators, via e-mail, at: [email protected]

(Roadfly logos are available on this page)

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