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Terms of Sale Policies

All sales are final.

About Roadfly Fees, Charges, and Refund Policy

Roadfly is proud to offer our members various products and services, some of which require us to charge or debit your credit card or bank account. We try to keep all expenses to a minimum, which in turn allows us to keep your costs at a minimum.

You are welcome to browse and shop at our online store, use our classifieds system, or purchase an Inner Circle Membership. We encourage you to place your order online through our secure web servers. We take great precautions to secure your data - please shop with confidence and know that we take a very thorough and pro active role in the security of your personal information.

Please take a moment to review this FAQ regarding various charges and the policies associated with those charges. Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

1. I received a charge on my credit card statement that I don't recognize. What is "JUMP Internet, Inc."?

JUMP Internet, Inc. is the parent company to Roadfly. All of our financial transactions are processed by JUMP Internet Inc, which is why you're seeing that charge on your credit card. Chances are you placed a classified ad, bought something from our online store, or purchased an Inner Circle membership from us, which is why you're seeing that charge on your statement.

2. I placed a classified ad, paid for a photo and ad enhancements and my didn't sell fast enough. Can I get a refund for my ad?

We're sorry to hear your car didn't sell as quickly as you had hoped, but there are many circumstances, all of which are beyond our control that may have caused your car to not sell as quickly as you'd hoped. We don't offer any refunds for our classifieds ads system. It's up to the seller to price their vehicle properly, include helpful information and photos, and present the car in a positive manner. Just as newspapers don't give refunds for their classifieds, we can't offer one to you.

3. I signed-up for an Inner Circle Membership about a year ago, and I see I was recently charged another $29.00. Why is that?

Inner Circle Memberships are based on an annual renewal. In order to enjoy the benefits of the Inner Circle Membership (hidden IP address, easy click-to-post pictures, increased web space, increased e-mail capacity and non-archiving e-mail license), your membership is renewed each year. If you cancel your membership, or allow it to lapse, your benefits will be terminated and your account is subject to archiving.

4. I bought an Inner Circle Membership, but don't want it anymore. Can I get a refund?

We're sorry to hear you're not happy with your membership benefits, but due to the amount of work required to activate and deactivate an Inner Circle Membership, we're not able to refund your membership dues. It requires at least 3 people from our office to activate your membership, so nearly all of the $29 fee goes to cover administrative costs, and as such is not refundable.

5. I bought some merchandise from your store, and decided I don't really like it. Can I send it back for a refund?

Unfortunately we're not set-up like a Nordstroms or a Macy's - we have very little profit margin on our items, and don't have the sales volume to allow us to process merchandise refunds. Please contact us directly for assistance with your order, as we'd like to know why you're unhappy with the products.

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