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Issue Eleven
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Issue Eleven
March 30, 2004
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Windshield Dyno: The Beltronics GX2, continued.

Windshield Dyno

Performance Timer

With the unit completely calibrated, we headed off to an abandoned airfield (there are plenty in our area) and began testing. The first thing that we discovered was that yours truly is not the best at launching a vehicle from a standstill. We tried it with traction control on, off, at high rpms, low rpms, and every other combination imaginable. We eventually lowered the tire pressure to 30psi (from 35psi) and accepted the fact that we wouldn't get very good 0-60 times because despite the warm ambient temperature, the January pavement was only retaining 64-degrees of heat. Darn winters...

We made a handful of sample 0-60 runs and evaluated the data. Navigating the results was simple and easy, and much to our pleasure, the meter appeared to be providing very accurate and consistent results. And then, after the sixth "official" timed run, I stumbled across the best launching technique, and rattled off a group of 5.9 second 0-60 runs, thus matching the results from the professional fifth-wheel measuring device we had used in our full review of the 2002 GTI 337 last year.

Quarter-mile results were equally accurate to the fifth-wheel - we averaged runs of 14.60 - 14.65 seconds, with terminal speeds of between 100.5 and 101.5. But as mentioned earlier, there's more to the GX2 than just measuring straight-line speeds. Our meter indicated that the GTI was putting down 172 wheel horsepower (again, confirmed by a previous dyno run that indicated 175.3 horsepower), and it confirmed what he had long suspected about the car's braking system - it's phenomenal. We wrangled the GTI from 70 mph to 0 in just 153 feet (this is due in large part to aftermarket pads and super sticky tires).

The GX2 was able to measure lateral acceleration with ease, indicating .87 g's on our 300-foot circle (averaged in each direction). G-force readings can be read "real time" as you drive, by simply selecting one of a few available display options from the GX2's menu. The display can also be changed "on the fly" to show everything from peak g-forces, best 0-60 times, and more.

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