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2005 Bentley Continental GT
It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This. Continued.

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With our trusty Beltronics GX2 Performance meter, we measured 0-60 performance time at just under 5.0 seconds, which is impressive when you consider the Continental GT weighs as much as a Porsche Cayenne, was filled full with fuel and was carrying around two well proportioned adults. Due to time constraints, we weren't able to run multiple performance tests, but we have no doubt that when placed in full-manual mode, the GT will spring to 60 in around 4.5 seconds. The Continental GT is knife sharp and bullet fast; speed builds at a potent pace.

Any time you have a car that can build speed as effortlessly as the Continental GT does, brakes quickly become your new best friend. The gargantuan 16.1" (410mm) vented front disc brakes hauled the hefty GT from triple digit speeds effortlessly and without drama, and provided some of the best modulation in the business.

Inside, the Continental GT continues to impress, with a lavish interior, wonderful ergonomics, and some of the finest sports seats we've ever sat in. The view from behind the steering wheel is fantastic, especially as the countryside is screaming past you, thanks to those 550+ horses. Interior space is generous, and we easily fit our 6-foot-plus frames comfortably into the front seats. The back seats (the Continental GT features a 2+2 arrangement), would be best reserved to youngsters or additional luggage.

Bentley's navigation system is much improved from previous models and while we hate to compare it to the horrific iDrive system from BMW, there were some design similarities. The good news is that Bentley has done the system correctly - it's simple to use, efficient and trouble free. The sound system was equally wonderful, as were the rest of the interior controls, switches and hardware. Everything is right where you'd expect it to be, and everything feels perfect. The Continental GT definitely doesn't leave you wanting for anything more, except perhaps more time behind the wheel.

The Bentley Continental GT is a true "no compromises" luxury sports car, and if we dare say, a true bargain for the price. From its gorgeous body lines and supremely appointed interior, to its hellfire engine and seamless drivetrain, it's obvious Bentley "gets" the sports car premise. Whereas we've quickly grown tired of other performance cars, the 2004 Bentley Continental GT left us wanting for more time with it - it simply acts and behaves like a true sports car should.

We're extremely proud to be the first journalists to drive and report on the 2004 Continental GT from American terra firma, and we look forward to bringing you a follow-up review when we receive another car for long term testing. Even more interesting should be our comparison between the Aston Martin DB9, the Bentley Continental GT and the Mercedes-Benz CL600.

Well Done:
- Unsurpassed build quality
- Jaw dropping engine/transmission combo
- Incredible handling and braking
- Manueverable and comfortable

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