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Chef Alton Brown: BMWs, Books, Good Eats & Iron Chef America
Issue Fourteen
November 8, 2004
Alton Brown:
Talks Bikes, Books, & Good Eats
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Alton Brown
Writer, Director, Food Hacker & Gear Head (continued)

Alton Brown cruising on his BMW Motorcycle

Alton Brown relaxes on his BMW R1100RT

Chef Alton Brown and his BMW Motorcycle

This one's for the briners...

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Alton Brown
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As we continued our conversation over lunch, we asked Brown about his role in the popular Iron Chef America show and whether the Food Network had future episodes planned. Alton indicated that he was leaving for New York in just a few days to tape ten new episodes of the Iron Chef America series.

We grilled him for more info, but he couldn't share much, saying, "To be honest, I don't know who the competitors will be. When taping the episodes, I know what the secret ingredient is going to be ahead of time, but that's about it. But even that information is highly privileged. It's like they send me this encrypted message that says, 'Go to the phone booth near the corner and await further instructions. This message will self destruct in five seconds...' It's very secretive, but it's a really fun show to do."

Though time was running scarce, Brown let us in on his work with GE and Kershaw Knives. "I was approached by GE to help them with a new oven," he says. "They wanted me to teach the engineers about the cooking process - about what makes food taste good. With this new oven, GE realized that most people appreciate cooking speed, but speed often sacrifices food quality. It was my job to educate the engineers about the cooking process, and I worked with them to develop the cooking algorithms."

Brown said the typical hour-and-a-half lasagna recipe can be cooked in as little as 15 minutes with the GE Trivection
TM oven. He explained how the TrivectionTM asks you what it is you're cooking, the time and temperature you'd normally cook it at, and then computes the new settings. The oven utilizes three cooking methods to super cook your food to perfection: Thermal, convection and microwaves.

Knives are another passion of Browns, and he explained how he enjoys his relationship with Kershaw Knives. "It's so cool because they have all of this awesome technology available to them. I can go, 'You know, it would be really cool if a knife could do this,' and they do it! It's like no big deal to them."

Brown has his own line of Kershaw Knives called "Alton's Angles" that take advantage of a slight angular change and allow for better knuckle-to-counter clearance. The angle also improves the ergonomics of the knife.

So what's next for a guy like Alton Brown? How about space travel? That's right - don't be surprised if someday you see an episode of Good Eats coming to you from zero gravity. Alton indicated that he's a bit of an aerospace junkie, adding, "We have a lot of fans that are in the aerospace industry." And while we wouldn't put it past him to become the first chef to brine a turkey in outer space, you're more likely to see his BMW R1100RT featured in upcoming episodes. Regardless of what or where he's cooking, one thing's for sure - Alton Brown is always one step ahead of the curve, devising new ways to demonstrate that food can be fun, easy and educational.

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