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Chip Foose, Scion tC, VW Phaeton, Mothers, Lidatek, Ultimate Ears
Issue Sixteen
February 25, 2005
Chip Foose & The OverHaulin' Crew
Seven Cars to Watch for 2005
Mothers® Waxes Polishes Cleaners
2005 Scion tC
2004 Volkswagen Phaeton W12
Lidatek LaserECHO LE-30 Laser Jammer
Ultimate Ears:
In-ear Monitors
Porsche Cayman
Spy Photos
Coming Next Issue
Geneva Auto Show
Porsche 911 S
Spring Cleaning
Hot Lap

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Issue Sixteen, February 25, 2005

Chip Foose Chip Foose & The OverHaulin' Crew:
Metal Magicians

History tells us the world's first magician made his debut in ancient Egypt, sometime around 2700 BC, performing a trick whereby he removed and replaced the heads of two birds and an ox. Modern day magicians like Houdini, Copperfield, and Penn & Teller ...[more]

Mercedes-Benz M Class. ML 500 Seven Cars to Watch for 2005:
Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ford & BMW

As car guys working for an automotive publication, we're regularly asked, "Which cars excite you this year?" And while the question is well-intentioned, it's often a difficult one to answer....[more]

Roadfly tests and reviews the 2005 Scion tC Scion tC:
Offering Something For Everyone

If you're over 30, you can be forgiven for missing the 'buzz' surrounding Toyota's new youth-oriented Scion brand--after all, they're not marketing to you....[more]

VW Phaeton W12 VW Phaeton W12:
Cleared For Take Off

We climbed into the premium, leather-adorned cockpit, fiddled with an array of dials and switches, ran through our checklists, adjusted the radio and tightened our seatbelts. We were cleared for take-off, and...[more]

Lidatek LE-30 Laser Jammer Review Lidatek LaserECHO LE-30 Laser Jammer:
The Best Defense Is A Strong Offense

Not too long ago, I was cruising down an empty interstate highway, at about 2:30 on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. The air was clear, the traffic was virtually nonexistent and my iPod kept serving up hit after hit. My trusty Valentine One radar detector was busy sniffing for 'ole Smokey... [more]

Mothers new product lines Mothers® Polishes Waxes & Cleaners:
Exciting New Products From An Industry Leader

The winter is drawing to a close, and if you're one of those unlucky people who reside in an area where the snow blower sees more fill-ups than the car, odds are you're itchin' to get out and wash away the months of dirt, grime, salt, and road residues that have accumulated on your vehicle during the winter months... [more]

Ultimate Ears - get big sound from your MP3 player Ultimate Ears:
Not Satisfied With The Sound Of Your MP3 Player?

What can you have in common with musicians such as Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Foo Fighters, Godsmack, Metallica, No Doubt, The Rolling Stones, Steve Vai and Van Halen? [more]

Porsche Cayman Spy Photos Porsche Cayman:
Porsche Acknowledges New Coupe

Porsche officially acknowledged that a new steed exists in its stable of thoroughbreds. The Porsche Cayman will be available for the 2006 model year...

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