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Chip Foose, Scion tC, VW Phaeton, Mothers, Lidatek, Ultimate Ears
Issue Sixteen
February 25, 2005
Chip Foose & The OverHaulin' Crew
Seven Cars to Watch for 2005
Mothers® Waxes Polishes Cleaners
2005 Scion tC
2004 Volkswagen Phaeton W12
Lidatek LaserECHO LE-30 Laser Jammer
Ultimate Ears:
In-ear Monitors
Porsche Cayman
Spy Photos
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Geneva Auto Show
Porsche 911 S
Spring Cleaning
Hot Lap
Chip Foose:
Modern Day Metal Magician (continued)

Chip Foose an OverHaulin' Cohost, Courtney Hansen

Chip Foose and Courtney Hansen gather the Overhaulin crew

Chip Foose's 1969 Camaro

Chip Foose drives his cars hard! 69 chevy RS Camaro

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Chip Foose Gallery 1
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Chip Foose
Overhaulin' on TLC
The Foose family garage hosts several memorable Foose show cars, but Chip Foose's daily driver is a late-model Ford F150, complete with Foose wheels and a throaty exhaust system. It's his primary mode of transportation, although he's not adverse to exercising his works of rolling art. Earlier, while at the shop, we admired his jet-black, 1969 Camaro. Chip told us he had taken it to a burn-out competition a few nights ago, then parked it at the shop when he was done. "I don't drive it as often as I'd like to," he says. "But worst of all, it's filthy right now. I need to get out and wash it."

Where he'd find the time is beyond us. It was Thursday afternoon when we met with Chip, and he confided that he'd had a total of five hours sleep for the week, including the two he grabbed earlier that morning. Besides the projects he's currently managing at his own shop, he's busy with his hit television show, OverHaulin'. "We're on day five of the build, and we're a bit behind," he says candidly. "And to make matters worse, I have to fly to Detroit tonight for a meeting, then fly back tomorrow afternoon to finish the build." (Top Right: Chip Foose pictured with Overhaulin' host Courtney Hansen.)

We told you he's a machine.

As we looked around his garage at the drawings, the paintings, the sketches and the vehicles, we asked about his design preferences. Was there any type of vehicle that he preferred to work with, a specific era, or body style? "As long as it's got wheels and a motor, I love it," Foose said with a big smile. "I love the look of a balanced design. Balance comes from getting the stance, the wheels and tires, and the continuity right. Once you can achieve proper proportion, you've got a great looking vehicle."

He continued, "The general shape doesn't matter if the balance is there. I prefer an elegant design over something 'hard' or 'trendy.' You know a good design when it's timeless... If it still looks great in 20 years, you've done your job. I try to keep my designs creative and pure, which keeps me (and them) honest."

Foose's designs are indeed timeless, elegant and balanced, which may explain why he's regularly called upon by major auto makers to design concepts and show cars on their behalf. His hands-on, honest, and open approach to tackling a major project is refreshing. He believes in taking an organized approach, one that's free of "bossiness" or barking orders at people. "I ask people to take responsibility for their projects, and I hold them accountable for their actions," says Foose. "But I don't try to boss them around or pressure them. If I can help out, I'll jump in and help."

And the efforts of guys like Chip Foose have a trickle-down effect, influencing many segments of the automotive world. We shudder to think what might happen were it not for guys like Foose - odds are we'd still be driving cars that look like the mid-eighties K-Cars.

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