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Issue Sixteen
February 25, 2005
Chip Foose & The OverHaulin' Crew
Seven Cars to Watch for 2005
Mothers® Waxes Polishes Cleaners
2005 Scion tC
2004 Volkswagen Phaeton W12
Lidatek LaserECHO LE-30 Laser Jammer
Ultimate Ears:
In-ear Monitors
Porsche Cayman
Spy Photos
Coming Next Issue
Geneva Auto Show
Porsche 911 S
Spring Cleaning
Hot Lap
Lidatek Laser Jammers:
Protect Yourself Against Speed Traps (continued)

The interface box is installed and the wires neatly tucked away

The finished install is stealthy and clean

Can you spot the Lidatek Transponders?

Lidatek's LE-30 kit retails for under $400.

Official Web site:
The first order of business was to determine a location in which to mount each transceiver. I opted to install them near the edges of my grille, and about halfway between the license plate and my headlights. I used the supplied metal "straps" to make a platform from which to hang the transceivers. I then ran the transceiver cables to the inside of my Tahoe by way of an open body plug in the firewall.

Once inside, I found a swtiched 12-volt power wire and a good grounding location. My LE-30 now had power, and all that was left was to mount the LED and speaker. I chose discreet locations for both, and then mounted the power switch (a toggle) under the dash board, near the emergency brake pedal. I was wired, and all set to enjoy my stealthy new Tahoe.

Out on the road, I was getting frustrated that I hadn't passed any speed traps, so after a few hours driving, I moseyed my way south on Interstate 540, and sure enough, just outside of West Fork, Arkansas, I encountered my first laser trap. The Lidatek LE-30 sounded loudly, the LED flashed and my Valentine One did nothing. As I drove closer to the laser trap, my Valentine One began to alert me to the laser signal, but I fear it would have been too late. The Lidatek LE-30 had been jamming for a good 3-4 seconds before the Valentine reacted.

I slowed my speed to 68 mph, exactly 2 mph below the posted limit. I cruised past the officer, but this time, the smile was on my face. Just past the overpass, I saw a line of troopers waiting on the on-ramp, poised to catch their prey. Just ahead, I saw four cars pulled over, and I can only assume that they were all receiving tickets.

Lidatek's LE-30 worked wonders for me, and while I don't advocate that people speed recklessly down the freeway, I do advocate for protecting yourself against shameless speed traps like the one that I encountered, where the police cherry-pick unsuspecting drivers as they traverse down a mountain hill. If you've got police with laser guns in your area, give the folks at Lidatek a call, and tell them that Roadfly sent you. Their unit truly is top-notch and effective, and delivers real world performance and results.

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