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Issue Sixteen
February 25, 2005
Chip Foose & The OverHaulin' Crew
Seven Cars to Watch for 2005
Mothers® Waxes Polishes Cleaners
2005 Scion tC
2004 Volkswagen Phaeton W12
Lidatek LaserECHO LE-30 Laser Jammer
Ultimate Ears:
In-ear Monitors
Porsche Cayman
Spy Photos
Coming Next Issue
Geneva Auto Show
Porsche 911 S
Spring Cleaning
Hot Lap
Got Wax?
Spring Cleaning with Mothers
® Hot New Products (continued)

Mothers PowerBall - fits in tight spaces!

The finished wheel - all clean and no more marring

Check out that Mothers shine - the paint is glowing!

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Car Care & Detailing Forum
I chose to work on a 2'x2' section of my hood, while focusing on a set of scuff marks that had been annoying me for most of the winter. I worked the buffer and PowerPolish at a speed setting of about 4.5 for approximately 2-3 minutes. When I buffed away the residue with a clean microfiber towel, I was immediately struck by how easy the residue wiped away. I was accustomed to having to fight with dusty, messy residues, but the Mothers® product wiped away clean and easy. My scuffs were gone, and the paint was really starting to look good - the metal flake popped and the surface was glass smooth. I used the PowerPolish on the rest of the truck and was equally impressed. I had a few deep scratches in the rear tailgate that required a stronger product, but the Mothers® PowerPolish didn't disappoint me. I'd place its strength at just a tad stronger than a traditional swirl mark remover product - perfect for most typical paint cleaning situations.

After cleaning my paint, I'd normally break out a glaze and take another pass at the vehicle, but the Mothers
® Reflections® Car Wax claims it will increase gloss and depth while providing a layer of tough protection, so I decided to skip the glaze and go straight to the Reflections® Car Wax. I was already a few hours into my project, so saving an extra step was definitely welcome. I decided to apply the wax with my Porter Cable random orbital buffer, so I reached for a foam polishing pad, applied some of the Reflections® Car Wax and went to work.

The product spread quickly and evenly, and after working a 2'x2' section for a minute or so, I stood back and let the Reflections
® Car Wax haze. A quick wipe with a microfiber towel later and my dark blue metallic paint was literally alive. I was so excited, I applied Reflections® Car Wax to the rest of the hood and anxiously buffed away the residue. The final look is hard to describe - the paint had a glow to it, almost as if the metallic particles were "floating" in the blue paint.

I decided to finish the job with the Mothers
® Reflections® Top Coat product. Mothers® says that Top Coat is a true, last step protectant, meaning that it doesn't contain any cleaners - it's meant to serve only as a protectant. I applied it by hand, as I wanted to ensure a nice, thin, uniform layer of product. Applying the product by hand took just a few minutes, and by the time I was done applying the product, it was ready to be buffed clean.

Once again, like all of the other products, Mothers
® Reflections® Top Coat almost "fell off" by itself. I'm used to microfiber towels and am familiar with how easily they remove products, but this was ridiculous - there was zero effort expended during removal. I often use slickness as a measure of a protectants quality, and I found the Reflections® Top Coat to be extremely slick - so slick, in fact, that any towel placed on the surface of my hood simply slid off. The optics were fantastic - much deeper than a traditional synthetic, but warmer. The Reflections® Top Coat seemed to add additional gloss, along with a touch more shine. The pictures don't do the paint justice - it was literally shimmering.

With the paint detailed and looking better than new, I hit the tires with the Reflections
® Tire Shine. It sprayed on evenly and was absorbed quickly. I wiped off the excess product and stood back for a good look. The look was extremely professional - a deep, matte black, with just a hint of sheen. None of that candy-like "ghetto gloss" that I see all too often at car shows. Those wanting additional gloss may be interested in the Mothers® FX Tire Shine.

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