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Issue Seventeen
March 28, 2005
2005 Geneva Auto Show
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2005 Geneva Auto Show
2005 New York Auto Show
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2005 NY Auto Show
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Detailers Paradise
Nissan Titan
Porsche 911 Carrera S
2005 Volvo S40

Detailers Paradise:
High Quality Service & Supplies From the Mile High City
By Steve Litscher

(March 21, 2005)

Detailers Paradise new Denver Superstore

Noble M12, Lotus Elise, Acura NSX all on hand at Detailers Paradise opening

Finn the dog greeted visitors to the Detailers Paradise Opening

Detailers Paradise Gala

Official Web sites:
Detailers Paradise
Denver has it all - it's home to some great sports teams, like the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche NHL hockey team. It has the distinction of being known as "the Mile High city." And, it's home to one of the best automotive detailing retailers in the world: Detailers Paradise.

Detailers Paradise is owned and operated by Nick and Heather Martinez, a super duo of husband and wife that share a passion for automotive detailing products and a desire to be the best at what they do. Detailers Paradise is a relative new-comer to the industry - it began as a wild idea that the couple had while flying back from a trip to upstate New York, and after spending more than 8-months developing, investigating, and scrutinizing a complex business plan, Detailers Paradise was born.

"We have an incredible business plan," says Nick Martinez, President of Detailers Paradise. "Heather spent a solid eight months researching it and working on it. She has the background and education for such a thing, and she really wanted to make sure the business idea was feasible before we jumped in. We started with the goal of providing the best service possible; the only deviation from the original plan is that we executed it a bit backwards." Martinez is referring to the order in which they brought the plan into effect - wasn't intended to be the main bread-winner for the company. Nick and Heather had planned to open a retail location first, and focus to on the online portion of the business later.

"The challenge came when we went to secure funding for our retail location in Denver. We'd walk into a bank, present our business plan, ask for some money, and the bank people would sit back and say, 'Is there really a market for car wax?'" According to Martinez, the banks were impressed with the couple's planning and forecasting, but no one believed a company could sustain itself by selling automotive detailing products.

Determined to prove them wrong, the duo adjusted their business plan and in November of 2002, launched their web site, quickly became a household name amongst car care enthusiasts, but Martinez is a bit more humble.

"We realize our own strengths and weaknesses, and neither Heather or I are web designers, so we brought in some experts to help us build the site. We told them what we wanted, in terms of functionality and usability, but we got it all wrong. But, that's ok, because we've got an entirely new site in the works, and it should be up and running very soon - hopefully around the end of April," says Martinez.

Providing a shopping experience that's more like the one you might experience at a high-end retail store is what has set Detailers Paradise apart from so many other online and brick-and-mortar retailers. "I'd like to think we go a little farther than the next guy," says Martinez. Apparently their trademarks of providing prompt shipping, courteous service, professional advice and great value are serving them well - Detailers Paradise realized the first phase of their business plan by opening their first retail store in downtown Denver.

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