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Issue Two
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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Two
Nov. 25, 2002
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Classic Motoring Accessories: Detailers Paradise, continued.

Thankfully with the advent of synthetic polymer chemistry, we're now able to offer our BlackFire synthetic protectants, products that I'm very proud of because they offer the optical qualities of a carnauba, with the durability and protection of a synthetic.

R: I know that when I first started detailing, I bought most of my supplies at the local discount chain stores. What would you say to the people who shop at those stores that might convince them to look into trying a supplier/manufacturer like Classic Motoring Accessories?

TF: I'm thrilled when anybody takes care of his or her cars. If someone wants to shop at the local discount store and wax their car with a $3 tin of wax, that's great - it makes me happy to know that they're taking care of their vehicles. Conversely, what bothers me, is the person who spends $50,000 on a leased luxury car and then doesn't take care of it because he's of the mindset that "this isn't really my car, and I'm just going to get rid of it in 3 years anyway."

TF: But, back to the question - people who shop at retail stores are getting very good value for their money. I liken it to my stereo experiences - if you walk in to a retail audio store and you buy a Denon, JVC, Kenwood, Sony or Yamaha receiver, you're getting very, very good value for your dollar - everybody wins.

Now, let's look at the specialty manufacturer or retailer - we're trying to make an existing product "the best". We work hard to find the very best ingredients for our products regardless of cost and we limit the amount of compromise that has to take place based on budget. Much like the Mark Levinsons or the Conrad Johnsons of the audio world - they take that base technology and scrutinize it, tweak and improve upon it regardless of the cost.

People ask me, "Can't 3M or Meguiar's make these products?" And I reply without hesitation, "Absolutely," there's no doubt that their engineers could make these products, but the problem is that these products don't fit their business model. The high-end, niche market is just too small for them to include in their business.

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