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Issue Three
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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Three
Dec. 23, 2002
• VW 337
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VW GTI 337, continued.
VW GTI Side Profile
But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Snick the golf-ball adorned shifter into first gear, ease out the clutch, and you're off - drama free. Take it up to about 3,000rpm, shift into second and continue on your merry way. Unfortunately, this Good Samaritan driving style isn't habit forming. With each depression of the drive-by-wire go-fast pedal, the 337 seems to taunt you... "Come on, floor it - you know you want to - I'm a turbo - boost is fun!"

Eventually, you succumb to the 337's devious taunting and you start to get on it. You quickly realize that this engine loves to be revved. The turbo builds boost efficiently and effectively, with little turbo lag. Combined with the smooth shifting and perfectly ratioed 6-speed, the 1.8T remains in the powerband ALL of the time. Up shifts are flawless- the rpm's drop progressively as you row through the gears. Downshifts at speed are just as much fun - the pedals are placed so that heel-toe braking isn't a problem.

Speaking of braking, the GTI 337's brakes will drop anchors with the best of them. Thanks to large 315mm (12.4") vented front rotors with 256mm (10") vented rear rotors and upgraded Pagid 566 pads, brake fade is non-existent, even after repeated 70mph-0 stops. The brakes have a solid, modular feel and provide excellent feedback. Turning and braking doesn't upset the chassis - everything remains stable and predictable.

How's the handling? Well, let's see...have you ever driven a go-kart? Turn-in is immediate; moderate understeer prevails as you push the car harder and harder. It's only at the very extremes of traction that the GTI 337 wants to oversteer. We feel that the combination of the improved suspension and the gummy Michelin's make this one of the easiest cars to drive fast. Our car is fitted with an aftermarket 28mm rear sway bar, which is supposed to introduce a little more oversteer, but again, it's not very noticeable unless you're really pushing the cornering limits.

Ride quality is on the firm side - as a result of the 40-series rubber and stiffer springs, you'll definitely feel the bumps, expansion joints and various road surface irregularities. Cabin noise is respectable, although the Michelin's transmit quite a bit of road noise to the passengers. One would expect the ultra-high performance Michelins to wear quickly, but our test vehicle appears to be quite easy on the tires (despite the copious amounts of driver induced wheelspin that the vehicle regularly sees). With nearly 6,000 miles on the clock, our Michelin's are still showing 7/32nds of tread depth - impressive for such a serious performance tire.

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