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Issue Four
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Issue Four
Jan. 6, 2003
LA Auto Show
LA Auto Show Photo Gallery
Mission MINI

Porsche Cayenne Introduction
Maybach Introduction
2003 Jaguar S-Type Road Test
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Detroit Auto Show
Nav-TV Interview
Bose Headphones

MISSION MINI: International Intrigue and Mystery -- MINI Style, continued

Mission Mini map

classic minis

mini story

mission mini story crew

mini classics

Roadfly: Did you feel that the course helped build your overall driving skills?

KH: Oh yeah - after that course you really had a good idea of what the car was capable of, and you just sort of knew the boundaries of the car pretty good. I'm not sure how much I'd use the high-speed stuff, but the safety maneuvers were really convincing and helpful. I'm not too sure I'll be using the reverse-180 maneuver any time soon! (laughing)

Roadfly: Ok, back to the Mission MINI story. Were you left to work "on your own" or were you always with a group of fellow investigators?

KH: MINI did a great job of coordinating the events - you were rarely in the same area with another group - the timing was superb. I recall that we received a message saying that there had been some suspicious activity at a warehouse, so we went to the warehouse and it looked like a normal warehouse, because it was a real warehouse! There was stuff everywhere - and we noticed a door was just slightly ajar, so we went in, and in the middle of the warehouse - we were nosing around in it, hunting around in it, and we found a couch with a folder with a clue in it.

About the only company we ever had was an occasional camera crew, but we really didn't notice them after a while. MINI was really ingenious about scooting you out of an area - we were in one of the suspects apartments, when after about 20 minutes of investigating a maid came up and acted like she was really upset that we were in there. She said something like, "if you don't leave, I'm calling the police," and it just seemed pretty realistic - in reality, there was probably another group on the way, but they never said something like that - they did an amazing job of moving us around properly.

Roadfly: So, how did things come to a close?

KH: Well, we received a clue that led us to a train station, where we found a locker with a phone number on a piece of paper. The phone number was supposed to give us a code, but when we got there, the phone number just told us something like "the secret code has already been given, proceed as planned." We think we were about an hour behind team Germany 1, who eventually won the event by being the first to get the code.

So, after we got the message saying the code had been given out, we started pursuing some other leads when we got a message that said something to the effect that Sam had found his car, and that we needed to proceed immediately to our final destination. We had no idea what was going on, but when we got there, we found some bleachers and a bunch of camera crews and media.

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