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BOSE Quiet Comfort Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones: Silence Is Golden. Continued.


Bose Headphones

During those 20 or so flights, we've had a chance to really experiment with the system. The Lo and Hi settings simply affect the amplification of the source media you're listening to through the headphones. For example, while listening to music on the Lo setting, you might have to crank up your walk-man, iPod, or notebook computer a bit. When set to Hi, the Bose system allows you to set your source volume much lower (to help conserve battery life on the media player).

While on a cross-country flight and watching a DVD via my notebook computer, I found that with the Bose controller set to Hi, I can set the notebook volume to about 50%, and still hear the movie very well. Compare that to 80% on the Lo setting, and it becomes obvious how well the Bose amplifier works.

The audio quality of the headphones is good; itís not audiophile quality, but itís not tin-can quality either. True purists won't like the emphasis the headphones place on certain frequencies (a bit of audio trickery), but for the average listener they should be more than pleasing to the ear. To me, they sound very warm and inviting and I find myself using the Bose headphones whenever I fire up my portable mp3 player, portable CD player, or any other audio device.

As a package, the headphones are a very good buy. There are a few minor annoyances (the cable length and configuration, the "hot" ear cups), but all in all, thereís very little to complain about. Once you try them on a flight, you'll wonder how you ever flew without them, as the noise cancellation technology reduces that turbulent roar common to most flights to nothing more than a mild "whir".

Do yourself (and your ears) a favor. Check out the Bose Quiet Comfort Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones by visiting or calling them at 1-800-999-2673. We've been using them for long enough to know they're definitely worth the money - they really do take the mental fatigue out of air travel.

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