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Issue Six
March 22, 2003
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Electrodyne: From NASA to IMSA to WWW, continued.

Soon afterward, Electrodyne became involved with IMSA racing, by serving as team management for Gianpiero Moretti. They ran the entire operation from Electrodyne's Alexandria shop, and it wasn't long before Gianpiero had Chet buying himself a race car. Moretti knew of a Porsche 930 in Italy that he felt would work well for Chet, so Chet bought the car and started racing as well.

Electrodyne ran a two car team for a number of years; Gianpiero ran GTS, Chet ran GTO, and throughout the 80's, Electrodyne raced Porsches on the weekends and sold Porsche parts and accessories during the week. By the mid-to-late 1980's Electrodyne was racing a few different Porsche models but in 1988, when Porsche's motorsports director died in a plane crash, Porsche pulled the 944 and GTO programs. That tradegy would mark the end of Electrodyne's professional racing involvement.

Along with a weakening US dollar came a decrease in new Porsche sales, and Electrodyne decided they needed to find new business opportunities. "A friend of mine had started a company called Racing Dynamics, and he was ready to move back to Italy, so we bought his company and brought on the Racing Dynamics name."

"Fortunately for us, Porsche's decline in the late 80's coincided with BMW's rise - if you'll recall, BMW's were starting to become more prominent in the late 80's and early 90's," says Chet, "this worked out well because we really needed to bring on a new car marque for our accessories line."

The cards continued to fall in Electrodyne's favor, because at about the same time as the Racing Dynamics purchase, Kamei GmbH of Germany was looking to close its US operations. Chet saw this as an opportunity, and purchased their US factory. He and his staff moved the entire Kamei manufacturing facility from Connecticut to Alexandria - it would become the basis of the "Freedom Design" line of body accessories for Electrodyne.

We chatted at length about the body accessory business, and eventually asked him the question that everyone's dying to ask - where do you get the cars for your "test" vehicles? Do you buy them, get them from the factory, or what?

"That's where Roadfly really became an asset to us. Not only were we generating sales from advertising with Roadfly, we were also able to post to the forums, asking members to let us borrow their cars so we could make new accessories without having to buy a car for everything we wanted to build," says Chet. "Through their enthusiastic membership, we'd get all sorts of people who were willing to let us test fit parts and pieces, and it worked out great for everyone. This has been a huge value to us - in fact, we have a MINI in the shop right now that belongs to a helpful Roadfly member."

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