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Issue Seven
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G. Gordon Liddy
Issue Seven
May 27, 2003
G. Gordon Liddy
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Frozen Rotors: Ice Cream Isn't The Only Thing That Works Better Frozen, cont.

BMW Brake rotors

porsche brake rotors

porsche brake rotors

The computer accurately monitors the freezing process to within 1F - an amazing accomplishment by any standards. The object is then slowly returned to normal temperature and once at normal temperature is heat-tempered. Heat tempering ensures that the metal obtains the highest possible resistance to abrasion and is a perfect application for brake rotors.

According to Link, cryogenic treatment benefits everyone who has brakes on their vehicles. The immediate benefits are improved and more consistent rotor life - Frozen Rotors has discovered that their cryogenically treated rotors outlast normal rotors by two-to-four times when tested side-by-side under identical conditions.

Further benefits include better braking performance and increased pad life due to less distortion of the contact area between the pad and the rotor. Distortion not only decreases the effective braking surface between the pad and rotor, but also results in cracking of the rotor, which many often refer to as "heat or stress cracking". All of these problems go away once you have your rotors cryogenically treated.

The most common misconception that people have about cryogenically treating brake components is that it only benefits the racing industry. While it's true that race teams do reap benefits from cryogenics, the general population can take advantage of the cryogenic process as well - think about how much money you'd save by doubling or quadrupling the life of your rotors.

Link explained that one of Frozen Rotors most common street applications is the Jeep Cherokee - apparently, the stock rotors are easily overwhelmed by the vehicle's size. Frozen Rotors studies have shown a 100% improvement in brake life on most Jeep Cherokees when the vehicles have been outfitted with Frozen Rotors.

The bad news is that used rotors cannot be cryogenically treated - there's simply too much risk that the rotor has already suffered from stress and cracking (perhaps on a micro-level). Frozen Rotors has a wide selection of new, cryogenically treated rotors - all you have to do is give them a call, and they'll send you a set.

We finished by asking Mark a few basic questions including, "Do brake pads require or benefit from the cryogenic process?" Mark responded that cryogenically treated rotors do not require special brake pads, and that pads do not benefit from being frozen.

When asked about customers who wish supply existing rotors to Frozen Rotors, Mark indicated that Frozen Rotors can treat brand new rotors at a cost of approximately $55 per rotor (for most cars). He indicated that shipping charges are approximately $10 per rotor (each direction), and that the turn around time for treatment is approximately one week. Diversified Cryogenics can also machine your rotors for an additional charge (cross drilling, etc).

It was a true pleasure and an eye-opening experience to chat with Mark Link. Diversified Cryogenics definitely has an incredible service, and we would highly suggest that you consider having your rotors "frozen" - the service life expectancy is reason enough to have the work done, and when you factor in the increased performance, it's a no brainer.

Call or visit Diversified Cryogenics today at 1-888-323-8456 or at Your car, conscience, wallet and nerves will thank you - knowing that you have plenty of reliable stopping power is peace of mind that's worth every penny.

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