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Issue Seven
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G. Gordon Liddy
Issue Seven
May 27, 2003
G. Gordon Liddy
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American Made: G. Gordon Liddy

By Steve Litscher

(Monday, April 14, 2003 2:00 PM EST)

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VIENNA, VA - When I was a kid, G. Gordon Liddy was serving time in a federal penitentiary for his involvement with the "Watergate Affair". He was released from prison while I was still in the first grade. Years passed, and the next time I saw Mr. Liddy was while watching the television show "Miami Vice". He played the part of an evil villain - the only one of whom would ever escape the clutches of Crockett and Tubbs.

Later, I would spend four hours every weekday glued to my radio, listening to his nationally syndicated talk show, "The G. Gordon Liddy Show". I couldn't understand how such an intelligent and interesting person could be perceived as such a "dangerous" man. Curiosity got the best of me and I bought his autobiography, Will. It was an almost surreal experience - the book shed light on "the real G. Gordon Liddy".

The general media loves to pin labels on G. Gordon Liddy - some of them are flattering and accurate, others are unfair and full of ignorance. We quickly discovered that Mr. Liddy can not be labeled - it would be impossible to briefly summarize his complex persona.

We caught up with Mr. Liddy at his Phoenix, Arizona residence. Sitting in the comfy confines of his open and airy living room, Mr. Liddy made us feel more like friends than interviewers. In our short amount of time with him, we found him to be unbelievably intelligent, sincere, pleasant, patient and accommodating, funny, and most of all, just plain likable. If there were more people on the earth like Mr. Liddy, we're certain the world would be a better place.

In what must be an incredibly busy schedule, Mr. Liddy hosts a daily talk show, writes books, jumps from airplanes in remote locations (he had just returned from a parachuting trip in Israel), and makes television and movie appearances, both as actor and guest. For him to find time to accommodate our request for an interview and photo shoot speaks volumes about the type of person he is.

R: In your autobiography "Will", you make mention of various cars, including personal vehicles and FBI cars (a certain Mercury with a sticky gas pedal comes to mind). How long have you been a car enthusiast, and what was the first car that really got you excited about cars?

GGL: The one that I learned to drive on, which was a 1938 Packard Super 8. That thing had an eight-cylinder engine - the block looked to be as long as a railroad train, had pistons the size of buckets, a three-speed stick shift, wheels that came up to your waist and it was a fabulous car. The sheet metal was incredible - if you'd have put a glove on your hand and hit the car with a fist, you'd have broken every bone in your hand.

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