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Issue Seven
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G. Gordon Liddy
Issue Seven
May 27, 2003
G. Gordon Liddy
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American Made: G. Gordon Liddy, continued.

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R: Was your ZR-1 one of the first ZR-1s that Lingenfelter modified?

GGL: I don't think he did very many because there weren't very many made. In the five years that General Motors sold the ZR-1 there were less than 7,000 produced, so I'd assume that John Lingenfelter hasn't modified too many of them.

R: What's your most memorable moment with the ZR-1?

GGL: (laughing as he recalls the memory) I was on the New Jersey turnpike, headed North and somebody in a Mazda 4-door sedan, of all things, challenged me. I looked over to him and thought, "You've got to be kidding me." But no, he wasn't.

So I just dropped the hammer on it, and it was like going in to warp speed. Cars that were traveling at what must have been around 75 to 80 miles per hour suddenly seemed to be backing up at me at 60 miles per hour. I glanced down at the speedometer and saw that it was climbing past 145 miles per hour like it was nothing - it was pulling so strong. I thought, "Whoa, if the New Jersey State Police would catch me now, it would be all over," so I slowed and the Mazda was long since gone. The thing will do over 200 miles per hour - it's really quite amazing.

R: What attracted you to the ZR-1?

GGL: Well, for one, it's American made. It was the very best - there weren't very many produced, and it could easily run with the best of them, including cars from Ferrari and Porsche.

R: Have you done any track events with the car?

GGL: No, but I've thought about it and it's something that I'd like to do eventually.

R: Tell us about your trucks - you've got two of them, correct?

GGL: Yes. Both are work trucks - the Chevrolet Dually is the truck that we use at my house on the East Coast - we have about 3 acres of property, with 400 some feet of waterfront [on the Potomac River] and around 2 acres of solid woods. The Dually handles all of the work duties - it has the big 8.0 liter engine - that thing is a workhorse.

Then I've got what I commute in, which is Chevrolet HD2500 Silverado 4-by-4 with the Duramax Diesel that has 300 horsepower, 520 pound-feet of torque, and just about everything you can get on it - leather, extra lights, and so on. Of course, it gets me to work no matter what the weather, and it still gets around 19 miles per gallon.

The nice part about commuting in the Silverado is the comforting fact that if there's ever a collision with another vehicle, I'll win.

R: And Mrs. Liddy likes European vehicles, correct?

GGL: Yes. Mrs. Liddy has a Mercedes-Benz E420 that she drives out East and a Land Rover Discovery that she keeps here in Arizona. She does have a GMC Denali that she uses to haul things related to her artwork, and that vehicle is also kept at our home in Maryland.

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