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Issue Seven
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G. Gordon Liddy
Issue Seven
May 27, 2003
G. Gordon Liddy
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American Made: G. Gordon Liddy, continued.

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R: Where can our readers find your books?

GGL: All of my books can be bought through, and for more information about the daily talk show, they can visit

R: Speaking of your nationally syndicated talk show, how are things going at your relatively new station?

GGL: Things are going very well. The station that I was with has sort of gone down the drain since I left, so I'm happy to be out of there. I really enjoy working on the show and being a part of the Clear Channel Communications system. We broadcast from WTNT 570 AM, which is located just inside "the Beltway" in Washington DC.

Our website, has links to most of the 160-plus stations that carry the show.

R: Shifting gears again, what about the old Interceptors you used to drive around while working for the FBI?

GGL: Those were really something. They had these big engines that were good for something like 140 miles per hour, which was incredible given that we're talking about the early 1950s. We were riding around on bias-ply tires and trying to stop those beasts with 4 drum brakes! The handling of those things was not exactly precise, and I remember you had to be very careful when starting out - if you hit the pedal too hard, the thing would just jump - it was a terrifically fast car.

The Interceptor packages of today aren't anything like the Interceptors of days gone by - today's cars are basically identical to civilian cars. I'm reminded of two stories involving our Interceptors; I'll share them if you'd like.

R: Absolutely!

GGL: I remember Harvey Foster, who was the special agent in charge of the Indianapolis office. He was up north when some notorious criminal escaped from the Grand Point Jail (which was the same jail that John Dillinger had escaped from). Harvey headed down that way, and he got on all of the radios which went to everyone - the State Police, the County Sheriff - everyone - and he just said, "This is Harvey Foster, I'm on the toll-road headed for Grand Point, so get out of the way!"

And he went 140 miles per hour past us in that big Interceptor - it wasn't exactly safe, but it sure was a sight.

I also remember another time when I was in my Interceptor, driving a little too fast, and I passed this Indiana State Trooper. So all of a sudden I heard behind me, "RAAAAAHHRR" [siren noise] so I pulled over and waited for the Trooper to approach my vehicle, at which point I hit my siren.

"RAAAAAHHRR" goes my siren and he jumps back and goes, "Alright, just who the hell are you?" And I showed him my FBI badge and I mean, we both had a laugh at that - but it was all in good fun.

R: Mr. Liddy, I want to thank you for doing this interview, and I wish you nothing but the best with your talk show, your books, and your car endeavors. Thank you for your time and for sharing all of your wonderful experiences with me and my fellow Roadfly readers.

GGL: My pleasure.

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