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Issue Eight
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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Eight
August 9, 2003
Cruising with Jay Leno
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Cruising with Jay Leno

By Steve Litscher

(Wednesday, August 6, 2003 11:25 AM EST)

Ever notice how many Hollywood celebrities claim to be car enthusiasts? Ask them about their collections or cars that catch their eye, and you'll likely hear all about the latest Bentley, Ferrari, Hummer or Lamborghini. To a real car enthusiast, hearing things like that is not only disheartening, it's infuriating - these people aren't enthusiasts, they're label junkies.

Not true of Jay Leno, host of NBC's very popular late night talk show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jay is a 100% certified, Grade-A car and motorcycle enthusiast - so much so, that yours truly believes he may bleed 10w-30 motor oil. He often shows footage of some of his unique vehicles during the Tonight Show, and his guests often ask him about his cars and bikes while they're being interviewed. His Apache helicopter turbine-powered motorcycle brings back fond Tonight Show memories.

Luckily, Jay is not only a successful comedian, television personality and accomplished car collector - he's also one heckuva nice guy. You hear it from many people - people who've bumped into him at the grocery store, people who've worked with him and people who've seen his comedy club routines. They all say, "Jay is such a great guy," and we can verify that statement as nothing short of completely accurate.

In fact, he's more than a great guy. He's a great guy who loves talking about cars and motorcycles, and he was more than accommodating of our request to sit down and interview him about his life's passion. We feel very fortunate that Jay was able to take time from his unbelievably busy schedule to field our questions and share his experiences with us. We talked about everything from Austin Healey's to Zeffer's, and share excerpts of the interview here. If you dare to consider yourself a car or motorcycle fanatic, you definitely don't want to miss a single word Jay had to say.

R: When did you first become interested in cars and motorcycles, and who do you hold "responsible" for getting you into the hobby?

Jay Leno: Oh, it seems like I've always been in to cars and motorcycles. I grew up in New England, and when I was 12 or 13 I got a go-kart. We had a 300-foot driveway and I'd drive up and down it like every day.

As a kid, I used to work a lot of different jobs, so when I was about 14, I bought a 1934 Ford pick-up truck. My dad and I brought it home and I spent like another 2 years driving up and down the driveway in that. You know, going "reeeer" [makes car noise] and then backing up and then "reeeer" [car noise] driving back and forth, like an idiot - I maybe got into second gear once or twice. I did that like 50 times a day until I got my license. I've always liked things that make noise, roll and explode. [chuckles while recalling the memories]

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