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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Eight
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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Eight
August 9, 2003
Cruising with Jay Leno
Hot Rod Power Tour
Paint Protection Film
Brake Pad Tech
Porsche Cayenne
Porter Cable Buffer
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Fernandez Racing
CPO Nightmares
Hot Lap: Strong Strut
Lotus Elise Preview

Cruising with Jay Leno, continued.

R: What vehicles catch your eye today? Is there any thing that you have your eye on, or anything that you'd really like to own?

JL: The one that I'm really attracted to is the new GT from Ford, you know, the new version of the old GT40. I think they've done an excellent job of recreating the car, and since there's some family history there, it's not like it's a replica car. I think it's a really exciting car.

I'm also really excited about the new SLR Mercedes-Benz. Coincidentally, I've got the first one that's going to be coming into the country, so I'm really looking forward to that - it's pretty cool. Zero to 60 is, what, 4 seconds? But it's not only about the horsepower, even though it has over 600 horsepower. I had an EV1 [General Motors Electric Car] for a few weeks, and I actually enjoyed driving it.

But the electric car is dead. It's a dead idea - I mean, I have a 1909 Baker Electric, and it goes 110 miles on a charge. The EV1 goes 125 miles on a charge, so we've gained a whopping 15 miles in 90 years of technology? Come on. You have to think of electricity as a living thing - you put it in a box, and it's going to escape, or it'll die trying to escape. You either use it at the point of generation, or you have to go elsewhere.

Eventually, I think a complete fuel-cell vehicle with an electric motor at each wheel will be the final solution, but I think that's still quite a bit in the future.

R: If an automaker or bike manufacturer were to re-incarnate a vehicle from days gone by, what would you like to see them bring back?

JL: Well, I think the Duesenberg SJ would be an interesting vehicle - that was a car that was ahead of it's time. I mean, I have a few Duesenbergs, and even today, it's not a car that you have to apologize for driving.

You know, like you're driving down the road going, "Oh, pardon me, sorry, just go around - it's really old, sorry! Sorry! Yeah, just go around!"

A lot of times with old cars, the things are just screaming trying to go forty, fifty miles an hour, but with the Duesy, I pass people at like 75, 80 miles per hour on the freeway, and they're like "jeesh!" It's a well-designed car - I mean, it had twin cams, overhead valves, hemi-heads, 4-vales per cylinder, and it was designed and built in 1927. It's amazing, so that would certainly be an interesting one.

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