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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Eight
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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Eight
August 9, 2003
Cruising with Jay Leno
Hot Rod Power Tour
Paint Protection Film
Brake Pad Tech
Porsche Cayenne
Porter Cable Buffer
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Fernandez Racing
CPO Nightmares
Hot Lap: Strong Strut
Lotus Elise Preview

Cruising with Jay Leno, continued.
R: With such a great collection of cars, how do you decide which vehicle you're going to drive to work each day?

JL: Well, I feel sort of foolish because I'm sure there are worse problems to have than deciding which car you're going to drive to work. But, you know how I do it? Sometimes I'll come home, and I'll pull out a car book. I'll be reading through it, and I'll start reading about something like the 1968 Shelby Mustang GT350, so I'll go out the garage, fire it up and drive it to work for the next few days. You know, I'm sure you guys do the same thing, right? [We all laugh again]

R: Any plans to write your own book, sort of like a "car guy" book that's written by a true "car guy?"

JL: No, not really - you know, idiot celebrities sticking their heads in where they don't belong isn't anything anyone wants to do or hear about. I'm an enthusiast, and I enjoy it, but I'm no expert. I have no desire to write a "well, here's what you do..." sort of book.

R: Ready for a hypothetical question?

JL: Let me have it.

R: 3,000-mile road trip. Pick the vehicle and your co-pilot - it can be anyone, from any time or era.

JL: I would probably take the McLaren F1, because that's the greatest car there is! It's unbelievable - the top speed is 241 miles per hour and it's extremely comfortable. The thing that people don't know about the F1, is that unlike an Enzo or some other exotic, the McLaren F1 is totally drivable. It's a road car - it was designed to be a road car from the get-go.

I mean, it's smaller than a Corvette, yet I can hold three people in it and still have room for luggage. It weighs less than a Miata, and it has 627 horsepower. You sit in the center and because you sit in the center, there's enough legroom for drivers or passengers that are seven feet and taller.

It's actually one of the only cars that I drive where I find myself moving the seat a little bit forward before I take off. It's so comfortable, and I find it to be the perfect vehicle because people who know what it is see it and tend to go nuts, and people who don't know about it just don't know about it and leave you alone.

It isn't like the Enzo with a big long nose, where as soon as you're seen it in, you're labeled as the middle-aged guy with "that problem" in his life. The car just looks right, and it drives perfectly - everything about it is just right. There's no wing, there's no spoilers, it just does what it's supposed to do. It has normal road clearance, so when you go over a speed bump or come to a driveway, you're not tearing off half of the spoilers.

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