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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Eight
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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Eight
August 9, 2003
Cruising with Jay Leno
Hot Rod Power Tour
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Hot Lap: Strong Strut
Lotus Elise Preview

Cruising with Jay Leno, continued.
You know, I remember someone lent me a new Lamborghini Diablo back in the mid-90s, and I'm leaving my driveway really slowly and I go "scccccrrrrrrrrthhhh" [makes a scraping noise] and I rip off the front spoiler. I'm going, "You know, I'm not supposed to be doing this to people's cars, I don't beat them up, I don't wreck them," but it was so embarrassing because the thing is so low and the nose is so long that as soon as you hit a pebble, you're ripping the thing up. That's not for me.
The only criticism that I have about the McLaren, and it's not really a fair criticism, but you have to be so darn careful with your speed. I mean, going 100 mph in that thing is like going 30 [mph] in any other car, and if I'm not careful, I'll look down and be like, "Oh crap, I'm going 175! I'm not an irresponsible idiot!" It's the exact opposite of the Morgan, where 35 [mph] feels like 100 [mph].

I mean, it sounds dumb, but the thing gathers speed like nothing - you put your foot in it for a second to pass someone and you're doing 140 miles an hour. It's ridiculous, but it is an absolute joy to drive, you're just going, "What the hell am I doing?"

My co-pilot...hmm, that's a great question. It would have to be someone that was interesting to talk to - I don't know. I think I'd want to take along a true automotive engineer, someone whom I'd like to ask a lot of questions of, like W.O. Bentley or Mark Birkett [our apologies if this is not the correct spelling], people who know things that I don't know are very interesting to me. I find designers, engineers, and mechanics to be very interesting.

Phil Hill would be another great guy to take along - he's an old friend of mine and would be an absolute blast to go on a road trip with.

R: Jay, thank you so much for sharing some time with us and for sharing so many great stories with our readers. We certainly appreciate it.

JL: My pleasure - this was a fun interview, and I wish all of you guys the best.

When Jay isn't busy with his television show or with his stand-up comedy tours, he can be found at home, tending to one of his cars or motorcycles. It's no wonder as to why he's on top of his professional game - he's great at what he does, and he takes time to "help the little guy." When was the last time any other celebrity stopped to help a stranded motorist?

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno can be seen Monday through Friday on NBC just after your local 10 o'clock news. If you're one of the few people who aren't tuned in to his show every night, we'd urge you to start watching - Jay is a great talk show host, a true car enthusiast and an all around great person.

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