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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Nine
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Roadfly Magazine
Issue Nine
October 29, 2003
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Hot Lap: Strong Strut
By Steve Litscher

(Wednesday, October 29, 2003 11:15 PM EST)

Nestled in the sandy dunes and cactus lined hills of beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona is a small, enthusiast-owned company that develops products that deliver big performance. Paul Ebeyer, long-time Roadfly member and supporter is the owner and president of Strong-Strut, a leading manufacturer of chassis enhancements for many popular BMW vehicles.

Paul's Strong Strut body braces (there are several models available) have been a popular performance enhancer for many Z3 owners, and are now becoming popular with the 3-series crowd. And, for good reason- Paul builds one heckuva product. While showing us his company's original Strong Strut, the all-new Alloy Strut, the Butt Strut and the Body Brace, we were instantly impressed with at the level of craftsmanship and the high-level of detailed finishing that Paul demands for his products.

With their beautiful welds, the perfectly CNC machined solid, cold-rolled steel and the incredibly precise hardware, all of the Strong Strut pieces exude quality. "I wouldn't put them on my own car if I didn't believe in them," says Ebeyer as we admire a highly polished strut brace. "We don't rush into anything, and we take our time making it. I've got a really good team of guys helping me, and we put a lot of pride in our products."

"I drove a Z3 for a few years and quickly grew tired of the chassis flex that is inherent in almost every convertible, so I set-out to build something that would solve the problem," says Ebeyer as he describes how Strong Strut was started. "It was a problem turned hobby turned business," he says with a smile.

Paul Ebeyer is a friendly, good natured person who has an aura of BMW glow around him - when talking with him, you get the feeling that he may even bleed blue, black and white. His 2000 BMW M Roadster, however, is blindingly red. We took a stroll through his garage and admired his current pride and joy. He pops the hood and we're greeted by a beautiful, chrome strut tower brace (The Strong Strut).

The Strong Strut is truly a work of art - CNC machined from cold rolled steel, masterfully welded and then fastened in place with some of the nicest hardware we've ever seen, the brace is as beautiful as it is functional. "It helps with just about every aspect of the car," says Paul, "Flex, alignment, ride quality- it's all improved with the Strong Strut." And we don't doubt him - the thing is that incredible.

"Take a look at the Body Brace," he says, directing us to peer under the car. We immediately notice two body-length braces, carefully hugging the BMW's body rails. They look like factory components. "They really stiffen up the car," he adds.

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