Strong Strut

Strong Strut

Specialty: Strut & body brace products for many BMW models

Front: For the e36 and Z3 models, we offer a choice of either our Competition Lightweight (CL) or all steel front Strong-Strut. The CL models is more that sufficient for all spirited street and highway touring and we recommend our all steel model for those owners who track their cars or who are serious at autocross. All our front Strong-Strut designs omit the pivoting type connections used by our competition. Pivoting points where the cross bar connects to the rings, defeats the purpose of the strut brace and reduces it to an ornamental accessory. Whether alloy or steel, all our Strong-Struts are CNC machined from billet material, we use no cheap stampings or hollow tubes. Assembly is precision performed by the hands of selected technicians. It is the only such product that offers the customer a choice of finishes, prices, and options. The Strong-Strut combines strength, effectiveness, clean complimentary design and best dollar value. There is no higher quality at any price and it comes with a lifetime guarantee against failure or breakage of any kind.

Rear Strong-Strut: Our unique and exclusive design. We are the only manufacturer offering a bracing product for the rear of the Z3. Manufactured of solid machined steel, it tames the infamous Z3 rear end “hula dance.” The rear Strong-Strut also fits all e30 models.

For the Z3 models, we have the front and rear Strong-Strut and Body Brace set. Our customers call this the “Strong-Strut Trio” and installation of these three bracing products totally transforms the rigidity of the Z3 chassis and delivers the many benefits resulting from the stiffer chassis. We have a front Strong-Strut for all the following models: e36, e46, e31, e38, e39. Some of these are special order, inquire.

The designer/manufacturer is a fellow BMW ///M Roadster enthusiast that developed the original for his personal use and who has owned a 97 2.8 liter, 98 ///M Roadster, 2000 ///M Roadster, and currently drives a 2007 ///M Roadster. He is also the Founder and President of the Arizona BMW Z Series Club, currently in its 10th year of operation.

Strong Strut
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